The Bloomberg Way: A Guide for Reporters and Editors

The Bloomberg Way: A Guide for Reporters and Editors 25th Anniversary Edition
Matthew Winkler (Editor-in-Chief) with Jennifer Sondag, Standards Editor, Americas
John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey 2014


Integrity is Key Towards a Happier, Wealthier Life

Integrity is a word most of us often overlook. This is why a company specializing on human resource development training programs will soon hold a session to discuss why we need integrity to make us happier and wealthier. To expound further on this endeavor, we have in the studio Mr. Carlo Atayde. He’s an inspiration speaker, a happiness guru, and founder of Sofya Incorporated.

The Science of Persuasion

Originally posted on Engines of Commerce:
The Science of Persuasion As future advertisers, we must learn the concept of “persuasion” and apply it to our future advertisements. At one point in our life I’m sure we have all been persuaded, or us persuading the other. According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, persuasion is the act of…