Wealth Protection

Family Secure & Family Provider (Unit-Linked Protection Plans)

Read more about Family Secure in the Philam Life Website

Vanguard 100 (Whole Life Plan)

VANGUARD 100We cover you at every step in life.

You want protection for yourself and your loved ones as well as the freedom to choose the benefits which you need and will also suit your budget. With the versatility of Philam Life’s Vanguard 100, you can enjoy a lifetime protection plan with benefits that are tailor-fit to your lifestyle, as well as all your special needs.

 & Guardian (Term Life Plans)

LIFESAVE“Sana laging protektado ang pamilya ko kahit anong mangyari sa akin.”

We know how important securing your family’s future is to you. However, unforeseen events such as life-threatening health problems, disability, and untimely death may happen and put your family’s dreams at risk.

Buti na lang may LifeSave, panatag ka na may makakatulong sa iyong pamilya sa panahon ng pangangailangan.

We safeguard your nearest and dearest.

Your family is your greatest treasure so you do your utmost to ensure their happiness and well-being. WithPhilam Life’s Guardian, an affordable life insurance plan, you can now give more than just basic protection for you and your family.


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