Investment Plan

Philam Life’s Money Tree

Money Tree is a one-pay investment and life insurance plan that can earn more than bank deposits in the long-term.

It maximizes your money’s growth potential by giving you the opportunity to invest in funds expertly managed by Philam Asset Management Inc. (PAMI) funds, which have grown 8% to 15% yearly* over the past 10 years. And unlike bank deposits, Money Tree offers guaranteed life insurance to secure your family’s future.

Ride on the Growth of the Philippine Economy
Growth prospects remain high for the Philippines as it is expected to continue to perform well in the future with its solid economic fundamentals. The country is projected by HSBC to be the largest economy in South East Asia, 5th largest in Asia and the 16th largest in the world by 2050.**

Grow your Money’s Value over the Long Term
Earn more than your regular bank deposits and beat inflation to grow your money’s value for your long-term needs. With the positive outlook on Philippine economy, the local investment market is expected to reach new highs moving forward.

Gain from Professional Fund Management
Benefit from the investment expertise of PAMI, which actively manages your portfolio to provide you superior yields on your investment.

Enjoy Guaranteed Life Insurance
Protect yourself and your family with guaranteed life insurance benefit of at least 125% of your initial investment.

So don’t let your money sleep. Grow it with Money Tree!

*10-year annualized return of PAMI Philam Strategic Growth Fund, PAMI Philam Fund and PAMI Philam Bond Fund up from December 31, 2003 to December 31, 2013.

**HSBC Global Research, “The World in 2050”


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