Health & Accident Plans

Philam Life’s Health Invest (Unit-Linked Health Plan)

While 97% of Filipinos prioritize safeguarding their and their family’s health over other concerns in life, only 16% say that they are financially prepared in the face of serious health conditions. Those who are not prepared admit that they will be financially burdened and will resort to loaning money or selling property and assets to pay for their medical expenses*.

You can’t stop growing old.
You can’t tell when you’ll get sick.
But you can prepare for it.

Finally, there’s Health Invest – a life insurance plan that takes care of you in sickness and in health.

Health Invest is a health and life insurance plan that provides financial protection from serious sickness, accidents or loss of life. Plus, it lets you build a fund for your future health care needs. It can be payable in as short as 3, 5, 7 or 10 years.

Be prepared for life’s health-related setbacks, whether they happen now or in the future with Health Invest.

Read more about Health Invest

* Market Understanding on Life Insurance: Project Protection, TNS (2012)

Cancer Life Shield & Lifeline (Critical Condition Plan)



Accident Plans

24-Hour Plus & Accident Shield Prime

We keep you protected 24/7.

You don’t want the fear of the unknown to stop you from experiencing life’s great adventures. Philam Life’s 24-Hour Plus provides day and night coverage for accidents or serious injuries you might encounter anytime, anywhere.

We shield your safety and well-being.

You want to live life to the fullest without worrying about the unexpected. Let Philam Life’s Accident Shield Prime help you enjoy life without limits.

Accident Shield Prime is a comprehensive accident insurance package that includes Daily Hospital Income Benefit.

Daily Hospital Allowance Plans




Health 100

We ensure your well-being for life.

You always want to be protected from the continuously rising costs of healthcare and loss of income due to accidents and sickness, especially during your prime years. Get the country’s first health insurance product that provides you lifetime health protection with Philam Life’s Health 100.


We prepare you for unexpected healthcare costs.

Do not let accidents and illnesses affect your ability to provide for your family. Be financially secured withPhilam Life’s Medisave. It is the country’s first medical plan that has Daily Hospital Income Benefit with money-back feature!


We help safeguard your health.

You do not want unforeseen emergencies to catch you and your family off guard. For peace of mind and protection from medical expenses, get Philam Life’s Mediguard.


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