Financial Literacy Advocacy, Anyone?

Be a volunteer and attend volunteer camp:

The purpose of this workshop is to sharpen the skills of Angat Pilipinas Volunteers in order to reach out more people that are hungry for financial literacy education. This workshop will be facilitated by Alvin Tabañag and Jayson Lo. The ultimate goal for this whole day workshop is to be able to:

  1. Build a standard, solid and effective framework of materials to be used for Angat Pilipinas missions.
  2. To determine each volunteer’s strength in order to serve more.
  3. To be an effective public speaker.

To register click link to Angat Pilipinas Coalition for Financial Literacy.


One thought on “Financial Literacy Advocacy, Anyone?

  1. Sometime in 2001, I was tasked to write a module on Personal Finance for the employees of a corporation. I did wrote one and applied in my life what I have written there. My life changed in terms of money but I have to admit I seem still far from achieving financial freedom. At least, I am no longer financially illiterate but there are still a lot more to learn and master to get there – financial independence.

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