To Pull a Rabbit Trick on an 11th Hour Concept

To Pull a Rabbit Trick on an 11th Hour Concept

RJ WinstanleyRj Winstanley Posted in facebook March 1, 2014 · Quezon City ·amazed! was able to pull a rabbit trick on an 11th hour concept into an end product for a project.. working prototype came out this afternoon!!! sheer genius?

  • Rom Cumagun That’s an XUHS genius at work and at play!
  • Rj Winstanley @Rom,,, not really, if there is anything that XUHS thought me is that I did not belong there… I felt instutionalized.. I could not wait to get out to the world and explore technology.. I do remember the love for electronics I had then.. I remember my best buddy Axel (the german kid) and we were so into electronics and computers.. I remember Axel and I once talked about starting a technology company one day and name it “Rixel Tech”.. I remember hating school and what it stood for.. there are a few things though that got me through life from XUHS, your class that I found interesting and Miss Evelyn Gomez class in first year and she talked about “Scarcity” in human society…. other than that,,, hated it and found it boring….
  • Rj Winstanley Rom Cumagun I also remember you asked me to present in your journalism class and I presented “How to make a sound system on a budget”… I loved that moment in my life and still remember it to this day… and you gave me encouraging comments that helped me so much in life… thank you.. that time then helped me out to be audacious…
  • Evelyn Gomez Thanks for remembering me RJ. Most of all thanks for paying attention to things that are important in life.
  • Rj Winstanley Evelyn Gomez thank you mam… you were a cool teacher… and i know pasaway lang talaga ako noon.. and ngayon pa rin daw according to my wife.. ha ha ha
  • Rom Cumagun Thank you Rj from the endmost electrically charged cell of my heart for your testimony; I feel confirmation of my chosen vocation as an educator! I pray for your continued personal and professional growth!

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