High and Fly


Teligent with EQ Academy
ready to go
High and Fly

Multimedia documentation
of a model team-building event
conducted by EQ Academy for Teligent Systems, Inc.

Part 1: Orientation    Part 2: Ready To Go   Part 3: High and Fly   Part 4: Basics of Paragliding

Part 5: Paragliding Landing Site   Part 6: Basics of Paragliding 2

Part 7:  Help!   Part 8:  Namaste!   Part 9:  Money!   Part 10:  Dare To Disagree

Part 11:  Blessed Are the Poor in Spirit   Part 12:  Best Day of My Life

Part 13:  Team Building by Candle Light   Part 14:  Team Building Game   Part 15:  Power

team-building 2014 May 17-18
Carmona Ridge and ViewFort Terrace View Hill.

Teligent with EQ Academy

PART 1 Orientation. Imee asked participants to randomly pick a card where a word is printed on. They will reflect on this word’s meaning in their lives as they go about the team building session for two days.



Paragliding was the key activity of this team building and Imee shared our conversation on this topic:

Paragliding Imee Navarro With Rom Cumagun

with Imee Navarro and 9 others 

Listen to an audio recording of the orientation:

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Ready To Go

Part 2


Join the bus ride from ViewFort Terrace View Hill to Carmona Paragliding Fly Site.

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High & Fly

Part 3


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