The Time Traveller: Sci-Fi Movie Poster (Artwork)

“If man would try but never fail,

and wake each day but never late,

Then man would never dream of such a thing

as going back time to start again.”

Engines of Commerce

Sample poster of a false fiction movie inspired by time travel. Artwork by Edrian Baydo, 3AD-7. Poster of a false movie inspired from fictional time travel. Artwork by Edrian Baydo, 3AD-7. Manually digital painted in Photoshop using Wacom Intuos Manga.

Is there such a thing as time travel? Can we really turn back the hands of time, and correct what has been done? Can we go into the future, and see the things which are not even existing yet? What if every action, every moment of our existence living in false time, creates various repercussions in the physical plane? What if our universe hangs in the balance through the fabric of space-time, and by breaking the laws of nature, we are tearing realities apart? What if time is a product of the mind, and nothing more?

This is something which I came up just yesterday, a project which revolves around the genre of science fiction and time travel. Basically it’s a poster for a false movie I invented. The…

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