Applying as Corporal in St. Ignatius’ Army of Movie Makers

Dear Paolo:

You are so blessed to take the helm of a movie project I have long wanted to see and be a part of its making. I hope I am still at the right time to apply as member of your creative, production, post production and marketing team.

I am currently a faculty member of Advertising Arts Dept. College of Fine Arts and Design, University of Santo Tomas. I have taught film theory and production at Miriam College, too.
My claim to knowledge of St. Ignatius is my many years of service to Jesuit apostolates

I, too, am an alumnus of Ateneo AB Communication 86

My expertise can be useful in the areas of:

  • story and script development
  • assistance in directing
  • film editing
  • movie promotions

Hoping that an opportunity to be part of this project still awaits a corporal of Ignacio’s army.


Rom Cumagun

IGNACIO: The First Jesuit AVP from Jesuit Communications on Vimeo.

Support our campaign on Indiegogo

IGNACIO: A Film About The First Jesuit


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